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Nice but small

This chapter was Stana's idea but did not deliver any materials to me yet. I was shaming to hold empty page for such long time so I will offer my plane that could fit this section.

List of models





F4U Corsair

This model in 1/12 scale is offered by the SAVEX company (again).

Span 930 mm
Wing area 13,2 dm2
Empty weight (estimation) 600 g
Flying weight 1 150 g / 8 x NiMh 1950
Wing loading 87 g/dm2

Motor Mega AC 16/15/5
Prop RA 8 x 5


I bought this almost finished model few yyears ago at the Model-Hobby exhibition. We could dream about brusheless motor only in that times and I was not encouraged enough (fortunately) to use the "S 600" so the model was waiting for its maiden flight for ages.

In the autumn 2001 the decision was made. I bought Mega AC 22/20/4, prop 10x6 and with 7x1700 SCR cells the first flight was made. It flew like a small rocket but the landing was problem everytime. No wonder by 100 g/dm2 wing loading. Despite the good wing construction it was not possible to expect Corsair's long life. I moved the drive into another model and Corsair rested at the shelf again expecting lighter drive.

The new, much lighter drive unit (as shown above) was mixed in May 2003 by Aleš Bidovský again. The wing loading decreased and the flzing time increased from 5 up to 8 minutes.

Following video clips were made by Zdeněk Zvědělík on 19.7.2003.

Perfect hand launch
3,3 MB
The wind was really too strong
1,4 MB
Corsair is a fast bird, isn't it?
2,3 MB

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