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Let L29A-Delfín


We are very pleased the Czech aerobatic jet L-29a Delfin was chosen by the famous German big electric scale planes designer and pilot, Christian Hoffmann.
The span of this model is 177 cm and length of 180 cm. The drive will be most probably the same as his last plane - the Hs-132 dive bomber - HP 355/37/5 motor driving the Amacker 120 mm ducted fan with 32 RC-2000 cells.
Christian has finished the fuselage shell - we received some pictures of it and also some other pictures of the inlet pipes.
We are looking forward to see the finished model.

Span 1 770 mm
Length 1 800 mm

Fuselage shells Delfin's fuselage Ducted fan air inlets

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F-104 Starfighter

The young Jet designer Martin Hoeller sent us some pictures of his latest project. The moulded fuselage is flying on styro wings covered with balsa.

Span 900 mm
Length 1 900 mm
Estimated weight 3 600 - 4 300 g
Planned drive
Motor 355/37/5 mm
Ducted fan 120 mm
Akku 32 x CP1700 or RC3000HV

Almost finished ... Chosen color scheme, do you like it?

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Martina Hoeller's next interesting project is X-29.
The fuselage is made of GFK moulded over the styrofoam last covered with Oracover. Wing is made of styrofoam and covered with 1 mm balsa. Model will be controlled by the elevator and with the ailerons.

Autor se svým dítkem
Span 850 mm
Length 1 600 mm
Estimated weight 3 700 g
Planned drive
Motor 355/37/5 mm
Ducted fan Schwerdfeger 120 mm
Akku 32 x CP1700 (nebo 30 x RC3000HV)
Thrust cca 3 000 g


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