Přejdi na českou verzi


August 21st, 2003

It is here at last!!!

After last year's attendance of the first electroscale Aeronca K flown by Bob Benjamin on the world championship F4C (see refer ….) we celebrate further gigantic success. E-powered acrobat participated for the first time at the world championship of acrobatic specials F3A in Deblin - Poland (August 5-17, 2003). The aerobatic model Rhapsody was flown by Jason Shulman member of the American team. Jason finished on 4th place and his team won. A lot of congratulations.
According to Tony Stillman (his reportge you can find here) the drive is quite equivalent to gas-engine (YS 140DZ or OS 140 EFI), flight time is 15 minutes, unlimited vertical flight. Drive noise is 93 dB(A), but it is very silent in the air.

Probable drive configuration