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  Welcome on our web page dedicated to the specific area of aircraft modelling what was dominated formerly by the "wet" engines driven models only and what is conquered by electric modellers even more and more in the present.

These pages were created attempting to collect relevant information and experiences. We would be very satisfied if some of you will find here at least a small piece of inspiration or useful information

What's new?

Wow! So long time this part was not updated! Now we can present some models here. First one is brand new jet Focke Wulf P2 built by Andreas Pohn. The next one is not new but very light and amazing Fokker Dr.I by Ron Dodd.
Some motor measurements added to the Workshop page.
The Society page added into English version.
Finally we can offer you a part in english language.


And who is guilty for all that?

Alois Raffaj, experienced publicist and photographer
, father of the idea
, webmaster amateur